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Welcome to Grasmere Texels.



Grasmere Texel Stud was established and registered in 1996, founded with ewes purchased from the dispersal sales of Premier Texel, Forsan Texel, Texel Plus and Englefield. From inception, Grasmere has been performance recording with Animal Plan and then on it's formation, Sheep Improvement Limited (SIL).

This stud is a foundation member of the national Sire Referencing Scheme (National Across-Flock). All rams are sold off the across-flock ram selection list, therefore allowing clients to compare and rank against all other rams in New Zealand. Grasmere Texel Stud has consistently been one of the top performers in the across flock.


Breeding Objectives

Grasmere's emphasis has been on structural soundness, growth and muscle. All ram and ewe lambs are ultra-scanned for eye-muscle at around 20 weeks from which the top 20% of the ram lambs are selected to be CT-scanned at Lincoln University in Canterbury.

CT-scanning gives a breakdown of muscle to fat ratio, muscle to bone ratio, % of muscle in the hindquarter, % of muscle in the loin and % of muscle in the shoulder. Using this information, CT-scanning has delivered much greater genetic gains, giving a lot more accuracy when selecting sires to be used in the stud.

All sire studs are DNA tested for Myostatin (muscling gene), footrot and Microphthalmia. It is through these breeding objectives that Grasmere 530/05 has topped the Central Progeny Test overall and top in meat value.



Grasmere Texel Stud is situated in the North Island, in the Tararua District, nestled under the Ruahine ranges. The farm is medium to steep hill country, rising from 800' (250m) to 1600' (500m). It is summer safe, has wet winters being in a high rainfall area.


Sale Catalogue

A catalogue of this years rams for sale will be posted on this website later this year. Included will be photos, all the across-flock BV's, ranks and prices.


Thank you for visiting Grasmere Texels and have a nice day.